Blue Cedar is our attempt to figure out how to breed small dogs that are better suited to the current lifestyles, living environments and activities that have dramatically changed fairly recently. It’s primary motivation is to improve the quality of life that our puppies will experience by making them as suitable as possible for their new owners.

Looking for insights on how breeds were created I found pedigrees, photos, and criticism on aspects of current breeding methods. I found very little information on the day-to-day reality of how to go about doing this.  The only really useful information that I found came from ‘Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog, the classic study’ by Scott and Fuller. So I combined that with my understanding of genetics and biochemistry from university courses to devise a solution to our breeding and developmental challenges in a way that minimized the problems people have raised about other methodologies.

I’m working to make the website more useful by showing and explaining more of what we are doing so viewers can get a better understanding of why we are getting the results we obtain. Regardless of whether you feel that what we do is something useful or something to avoid, I hope it can be a helpful resource for anyone else starting out with the goals we have.

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